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Welcome to Rongcheng Official Website!

Creating High Quality Rice Cracker

manufacturering Equipment

Salty rice cracker production line
Sweet rice cracker production line
Fried rice cracker production line
Thin rice cracker production line
Baby rice cracker production line
Sticky rice cracker production line
product center

?                                                                 S?weet rice cracker production line, 

                                                                  Salty rice cracker production line,

 Fried rice cracker production line,

Thin rice cracker production line,

 Baby rice cracker production line,

 Sticky rice cracker production line,

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Company profile

Sichuan Rongcheng Zhongke Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.predecessor company is chengdu rongcheng machinery equipment Co.,Ltd and which was founded in October,2010.Our company has developed technology exchanging and cooperation with some well-known enterprises which from domestic and foreign,we has established long term partner cooperation with many international companies.(Such as ORION in Korea,KAMEDA in Japan,ONE ONE in Vietnam etc.),Now many kinds of our Rice Cracker Production Lines are selling well all over the world(such as Puffed rice cracker production equipment,Deep fried rice cracker production equipment,Baby rice cracker production equipment,Thin crispy rice cracker production equipment, sticky rice cracker production equipment).

After years of stable development,our company already has professional R & D team,Manufacturing team,Foreign Trade team and After-sales team to make sure we can provide timely thoughtful and satisfying service to the customers.The company adheres to the business philosophy of customer first and continuous improvement.always adhere to market-based,quality for survival,service for development as the purpose. To solve customer worries.

Our factory is located in Chengdu Cross-Strait Science and Technology Industry Development Park,Wenjiang District,Chengdu City,Sichuan Province,China.with convenient transportation.Welcome every new and old customer come to our factory.


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Our products are all over the country, and are now exported to Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Pakistan, Vietnam, India, Africa and other countries.
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